Locked Meter Boxes

Due to theft and tampering with utility meters DCWA, in an attempt to lower the annual costs in lost materials and equipment, has started to replace our existing  meters with radio read meters and locking meter boxes and lids. You may have read about these upcoming changes in our July news letter.

It is recommended that customers install a shut off valve on their side of the service line if there is not one already. Homes built to code in the past 15-20 years have a shut off valve. Generally, shut off valves are located near the foundation of the home or the first exterior water spigot. In other cases, it may be located near the hot water heater or where service enters the home.  If you do not have a shut off valve and need to have your service turned off in the event of an emergency, please note that a $50.00 emergency dispatch fee will be charged to your account each time we are required to unlock your meter and turn your water off.  Thank you to our customers that have installed their own shut-off valve on their side of the meter.