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  • Flushing Your Hot Water Heater May Eliminate Odor/Discoloration In Water

    Water Heater Flush – How to Flush a Gas or Electric Water Heater Water heater manufacturers recommend flushing sediment from your storage type water heater periodically. How often your model needs to be flushed depends upon the quality of the water in your area. Areas with high mineral content will have to flush more often. […]

  • 2016 Board Meeting Schedule

    Board Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 5:30pm unless scheduled otherwise. Location:  967 Orangeburg Road  January 11th July 11th  February 8th  August 8th  March 14th September 12th*  April 11th  October 10th May 9th  November 14th  June 13th  December 12th

  • Notice to Enrolled Payment Customers

    Notice to Enrolled Payment Customers

    Due to changes necessary to adapt our new system to take phone payments we have had to make a change to the format of our account numbers for use online. Though most of the accounts that were previously signed up were able to be converted over to this new format, we have found several that […]

  • Consumer Confidence Reports for 2012 Now Available

    Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) are issued once a year to inform our customers of the water quality analysis results required by DHEC. These reports indicate whether or not our water meets quality standards determined to be safe for consumption. The CCR summarizes information regarding sources used, any detected contaminants, compliance and educational information.  More information can […]

  • Water usage related facts and statistics

    Did you know? Water is used in a number of ways that you would never expect. From automobile tires to hamburgers, water is essential in the production of many everyday items. Here are just a few examples, as well as some other water-related trivia. How much water does it take to process a quarter pound […]

  • 2013 DCWA Board Meeting Schedule

    2013 DCWA Board Meeting Schedule

    Board Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 5:30pm. Location:  967 Orangeburg Road January 14th February 11th March 11th April 8th May 13th June 10th July 8th August 12th Semptember 9th October 14th November 12th December 9th