CCR Reports

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) are compiled once a year to inform our customers of the water quality analysis results required by DHEC. These reports indicate whether or not our water meets quality standards determined to be safe for consumption. The CCR summarizes information regarding sources used, any detected contaminants, compliance and educational information.

Your Water Quality Reports are updated every year.  Customers in our Knightsville and Tranquil service areas should also access Summerville Commissioners of Public Works  CCR as we purchase water from their system.

CCR by service area:
2016 – All DCWA Water Areas

2015 – All DCWA Water Areas

2014 – All DCWA Water Areas

2013 – All DCWA Water Areas

2012 – Knightsville, Tranquil, Reevesville, Summerville CPW

2011 – Knightsville, TranquilSummerville CPWReevesville

2010 – Knightsville,   Tranquil,  Reevesville

2009 – Knightsville,  Tranquil

2008 – Knightsville,  Tranquil,  Reevesville

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