Cross Connection Control

Addendum to cross-connection control program Dated June 9, 2017

Backflow Prevention

Dorchester County Water Authority (DCWA) implemented a Cross-Connection Control Program in 1992. This program was established to protect the DCWA potable water system from backflow contamination. Depending on the degree of hazard, selected commercial, all irrigation (with an in-ground sprinkler system or soaker hoses), and all fire sprinkler customers will be required to install, test and maintain a Backflow Prevention Assembly on their water service.

In 2013 DCWA began systematically replacing meters in its system with new equipment. The new meters have a built in residential dual check valve. The new meter protects the water system on DCWA’s side from cross-contamination, this residential dual check valve does not protect the customer’s side from backflow intrusion at their home. Changes to our backflow program only pertain to residential customers.

Since our side of the meter has a residential dual check valve we no longer require customers to test their device. We will replace the check valves on our side every 15 years. We would, as a precaution, advise customers to continue to test their devices for protection of service on their side of the meter. We will maintain records for customers who choose to send us their results. We will no longer send reminders or certified letters.

Approved by Dorchester County Water Authority Board of Directors on June 13, 2017.


Commercial Customer Cross Connection Requirements:

Any commercial customer that has an irrigation system installed on their property must notify us upon installation or at the initial start of water service. If you have an existing sprinkler system please make sure we are aware of your sprinkler system. All irrigation systems are required to be tested at least once a year. Visit: DHEC Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention for more information about Cross contamination and a current list of certified testers. Commercial customers that are found out of compliance with our testing requirements may be fined monthly until certified test results are provided.


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