Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We bill once a month. Our billing system is based on usage. Therefore, you must use the water before we bill for it. Your bill will be based on the prior month’s usage. Your minimum monthly bill will always be at least $25.00 for the first 2,000 gallons and then charged at a metered rate of $3.50 per 1000 gallons of water used after that. We send late notices as a courtesy, but any account past due is subject to disconnection. Any water account that is past due may be assessed a $50.00 delinquent fee and potentially cut off without notice.

Online Billing and Payments:

Please visit Online Billing and Payments for more information.

Adding Secondary Account Holder

  • Primary Resident must be present with a valid ID
  •  Copy of tax bill or lease/rental agreement
  • The person wishing to be added to the account must be present with an ID
  • Additional Service Agreement will be filled out for a person to be added to the account
  • An Activation Fee of $25.00 will be collected
  • A copy of the Customer Service Agreement will be issued at that time

Next Day Service

We Require 24-hour notice before turn-on or shut-offs. If you need service on/off on a Monday, please get in touch with our office by noon the previous Friday. Please keep in mind that we are closed on most federally observed holidays.

Sewer Service

DCWA does not provide sewer service. You will need to contact the sewer provider for your area. In most cases, if you are on our water system, you must contact Dorchester County Water and Sewer. The phone number for DCW&S is (843)832-0075.

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